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The scholars and scribes at Presenter Wiz are data-driven storytellers. With over 50 years of combined experience in sharing ideas, crafting compelling concepts and levitating brands, Presenter Wiz experts are with you every step of the way in organizing and sharing your story. Whether in the beginning stages of generating your concept or nearly ready to push the launch button and share your idea with the world, partner with Presenter Wiz to add the pizazz.

Working efficiently in all the latest presentation software


The care and quality we put forth in all presentations are evident in visuals that explode off the screen.  Presenter Wiz experts have over 50 years of collective experience developing presentations in Traditional Media, Marker Board, Custom Video Animations, PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote and Google Slides. Explore samples below to see the magic of the Presenter Wiz in action.

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Our Approach

Clear, Concise, Objective-oriented Storytelling


Become Intimate with The Material & Context

Our goal at Presenter Wiz is to become a partner in sharing your narrative.  You are the subject matter expert, and we strive our best to become well versed in your area of expertise as swiftly as possible.  We work collaboratively with our idea partners to gather, deconstruct, analyze and organize a narrative flow that best fits your communication goals for the audience you desire to reach.  Without a strong clear message, any glitz and gloss would get lost, and your one opportunity to spread your idea will vanish in the blink of an eye.


A Simple & Crystal Clear Message

Once the minds of our experts are united, we begin collaboratively constructing the over-arching narrative with an objective-oriented mentality. Establishing goals and principles for the core message is an early victory that provides clarity of thought in developing the rest of your communication campaign. Presenter Wiz brings profound insight when disenchanting complex concepts and portraying a cohesive message to captivate any audience. We uniquely craft each campaign to fit the right size approach for your market needs while enhancing your global image and reach. 


Supportive Content & Compelling Visuals

Bringing the right team together to fit the any budget is part of our allure. Our network of on staff writers and designers, industry experts, executive consultants, strategists, technologists and scientists provides us the agility to quickly conjure any creative solution like… magic.  Whether your goal is to present an important business case, convince a panel of investors or compel customers to buy your product, Presenter Wiz is there every step of the way. We will aid you in building a platform allowing the world to embrace your brand message. 


Deliverables in Alignment of Goals

Our communications are crafted with meticulous detail.  Not only do we possess an extensive internal review process, but we open up the creative critique to our clients as well as our network of industry experts and content editors. By the time your message is ready to greet your audience, the professionalism and clarity that your narrative portrays will be of unrivaled proportions, providing an elevated brand experience that will bring success for years to come.

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