Environmental Design & Identity

The rebranding of historic Kodak Park into the now established Eastman Business Park is one of our more memorable success stories. We underwent a thorough process to ensure we developed a strong brand that would help achieve the goal of transitioning 2.5 million sq. ft. of Kodak’s industrial park into manufacturing, tenant and site infrastructure facilities. We started with a discovery process, which included team interviews and research related to the history of Kodak Park and ways to incorporate essences of Kodak’s visually established brand. Then, we explored themes and related names. Once we narrowed our options to several name choices, we explored identity concepts and graphic elements. The final design has gained fast traction in establishing a strong identity for Eastman Business Park.

SkillsEnvironmental Design


The environmental signage for Eastman Business Park in Rochester, NY was a phase II project after we completed the branding phase. The existing fiberglass sign structures were in place for many years displaying the former name of Kodak Park. The poor structural condition of the signage required its removal and complete new fabrication. Our team designed and project managed the entire process recommending an aluminum structure with interior LED lighting for economic, dependable illumination. A unique, perforated substrate was used for the black portions of the logo that would display black in the daytime and illuminate at night. The project was completed on time and under budget.

The new identity was the applied to other structures such as the permanently displayed train caboose that greets visitors at the park complex as well as vehicular and other miscellaneous signage.

Tradeshow Displays & Data Sheets

A series of data/spec sheets were developed for Kodak Specialty Chemicals and the Kodak ESTAR line of products. Design, writing and photography were all competencies that came into play in the production of these technical collaterals.

The task of designing and producing a series of compelling tradeshow display banners was a complementary component to several data sheets. Our knowledge of the production and fabrication of tradeshow signage is key to creating well-designed, cost-effective display solutions.

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