DishFish Product Evolution

The DishFish is a revolutionary new sponge and scrubber with several new patented technologies incorporated in the production of this innovative consumer product. When our firm was approached by Foamtec, the DishFish brand was already established, but new product lines were targeted and previous creative vendors had underperformed for the price point.  This is where the PresenterWiz stepped in.  Our partnership methodology places the client’s product in the forefront of our creative solutions and branches into strategic insights. Our relationship with the DishFish product is ongoing and the number of creative solutions we deliver continually grows.

ClientFoamtec Intl
SkillsProduct Design / Branding

DishFish on the Go

A mighty Scrubber for the Toughest Cleaning Jobs

The GoFish is a revolutionary way to take on the big messes when on the go. This new product was added to the DishFish line as the logical next step in the evolution. Our client tasked us with giving the DishFish a manlier edge that conveyed monster cleaning powers.  The creative process led us through several identity iterations for the new product. Once an identity was selected, a theme began to emerge, and at that point we began developing the packaging labels that visually narrate the value of the GoFish.

Rebate Advertising Campaign

PresenterWiz worked closely with DishFish collaborators to develop a campaign of digital advertisements that pointed to a rebate offer in partnership with Wegmans food distributors. Not only was PresenterWiz responsible for the writing, design and development of the banner ads, but we also designed the UI/UX experience for the consumers that chose to redeem the rebate offer.

The Journey Continues

Stay tuned for more updates as the DishFish and PresenterWiz partnership grows.  We are currently entrenched in the research, design and development of an entirely new product. Together we will take DishFish to a new level and clean up the world as we do it!