Motion Graphics

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Illustrative Illusions & Prestigious Presentations

Concepting and creating wild and wizardly animated videos leveraging the latest digital platforms

Conjure the grand entrance that your product, idea or service deserves.  Some ideas are too complex to risk the narrative being distorted. Memorializing your concept in a compelling short animation may unlock it’s hidden potential. Reach audiences that you would typically miss with traditional media.


Creative Writing

Script writing, editing and focus group testing

A wizard’s wit is their most valuable asset.  Our creative process works to break down the essence of your message to extract the perfectly enchanting perspective.  The importance of removing objectivity when entering the creative writing process is critical.  Work with the Wiz to share ideas in unique ways.


Visual depiction of concepts across time

The mind’s eye is a powerful creator.  PresenterWiz brings solidified scripts to life by visually articulating movement and emotion through detailed storyboards.  Our artists work across all mediums from traditional pencil and ink sketches to full-fledged color digital frames. This critical step in the creative process enhances the translation of narrative to visual aid.   

Voice Acting

Organizing, casting and recording the best talent in the biz

The Wizard of Oz commanded a community with the power of his voice and a little pizazz. In a similar fashion, the Presenter Wiz works with top voice talents across the world, finding the right tone and pace to represent your concept.  We work tirelessly to translate messages for global reach, ensuring your idea hits all audiences. 

Audio Engineering

Captivating Sound Effects with Quality Music

Mastering the balance of music, tone, pace and sound effects is an astonishingly choreographed feat. Having the right audio enhancement in place only works to elevate the overall professionality and appeal of the piece. Work with the Wiz to boost your videos charm and personality.

Art, Programming & Editing

Typography, Illustration, Motion Graphic Design, and Impeccable Editing Techniques

It’s at this stage that the Wizard’s conjuration shines brightest. Custom typography, illustration and artwork flow freely from the fingers of our resident creatives.  Backed by 50 years of creative training and expertise, rest assured that the final visualization of your message falls in the right hands.

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