Data Visualization

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Conjuring web and digital solutions to enchant any idea on any budget

Whether launching your new website, developing a custom dashboards for your global team, diving into big data visualization or embarking on digital marketing campaigns, our magic touch will levitate any concept to unrivaled levels of admiration.  Users want to interact with their data, but uncovering the right data that depicts a story can be an arduous task.  Let our expertise guide you in crafting the best data visualizations.

Web & App Design

Custom Domains and Web Applications

Our in house staff has been designing and developing websites since the days of our youth.  With a collective 25 years experience building digital solutions of all shapes and sizes, our expertise can surely uplift the digital presence of your organization.


Visualize the Important Metrics That Run Your Business

Communication is a critical component of change and the proper utilization of scorecards and dashboards will launch any program to inevitable success.


Make Sense of Your Data with the Latest Tools

Whether using Excel, Power BI, Tableau, Information Builders, R, SAS, Qlikview or any other new and shiny data exploration tool, our consultative expertise will help you sift through your data to find a meaningful story.


Tap Into Your Data Vein

Unleash your full potential and begin leveraging your most valuable assets in innovative ways

Big Data Design plays a critical role in any firm, not only in the way organizations consume data, but how they view it as a revenue generating asset. There is so much more to Information Management than secure transaction and storage. A re-envisioning of data visualization is necessary to provide the proper experience for workers, executives and consumers alike. This affords individuals the real-time interaction with information that we have all come to expect. A journey of this magnitude begins with consistent quality and warehousing of data and cycles through the fingertips of the user. What story does your data want to tell? What transactions are important to reflect? What does your consumer care about most? Work with PresenterWiz to unleash the magical potential of your data.

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