Presentation Design Wizards

Crafting magically imbued stories with powerful visuals

How your idea is received depends entirely on how you present it. You are the expert in your industry, but extracting the narrative just isn’t happening and the audience just can’t seem to click with your message. That’s where we come in. Crafting compelling stories from rich data is our expertise. We add the pizazz and help our clients simplify their message for each target audience. 


Developing editable presentations from scratch


Organizing and unleashing stories at any stage of development


Crafting reusable communication collaterals for global reach

Motion Graphic Illusions

Creating wizardly animated videos and CGI video effects

Conjure the grand entrance that your product, idea or service deserves.  Some ideas are too complex to risk the narrative being distorted. Memorializing your concept in a compelling short animation may unlock it’s hidden potential. Reach audiences that you would typically miss with traditional media.

Delve into Digital Visualization

Conjuring web and digital solutions to enchant any idea on any budget

Whether launching your new website, developing custom dashboards for your global team, diving into big data visualization or embarking on digital marketing campaigns, our magic touch will levitate any concept to unrivaled levels of admiration.  Users want to interact with their data, but uncovering the right data that depicts a story can be an arduous task.  Let our expertise guide you in crafting the best data visualizations.

Wizardly Works of Art

Captivate yourself with the latest and greatest full scale presentation projects and campaigns from the Presenter Wiz team

Scry No More

Set aside your crystal ball, you won't need to look elsewhere for a presentation partner